Alaska Duck Hunting

Alaska Duck Hunting

Duck hunters take note – Kodiak is home to some of the most sought-after waterfowl and sea ducks in North America. In fact, some hard-to-find species, like harlequin ducks, are abundant throughout the hunting season.

At Alaska Hunting Pros, our guided duck hunts put you front and center in the action. Your backdrop is some of the most beautiful scenery on the continent in and around Afognak Island just three miles away from Kodiak Island.

Your remote camp is our stately catamaran, which is heated and fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy your Alaska duck hunt with the rest of your group. We will take you to protect areas around the island where you can target a wide variety of duck species, many of which are difficult to harvest in the Lower 48.

Some of the duck species we target include:

Harlequin ducks

Barrow’s goldeneye


Black scoter

White wing surf scoter

Long tail duck

Red breasted merganser



Our boats are outfitted with four bunks in camp-style setting, a camp shower, a galley, and everything needed to keep you safe and comfortable. Your Alaska duck hunting guide, Gabe Linegar, is an expert hunter and longtime resident of the region. His understanding of duck habits and weather conditions gives you the best possible chance of success.

Alaska duck hunts begin on October 23 and run through December 15 (the duck season runs from October 1 through January 1). Many of the ducks on Kodiak are year-round residents, maximizing your chances of harvesting ducks that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Sitka blacktail deer and duck hunts are priced at $3,500 per person, with a 5 person minimum ($17,500 – 6 person maximum capacity)

Duck hunts may also be combined with other hunts that coincide with the fall months. You may be able to target Kodiak brown bear or Roosevelt Elk, depending on the dates, so be sure to let us know if you are interested in any of these options.

Are you ready for the Alaskan duck hunt experience of a lifetime? Contact us today for more information. 

The Kodiak region is a duck hunter’s paradise

Kodiak’s abundance of waterfowl makes it one of the premier duck hunting destinations on the continent. Additionally, there are a couple of highly prized trophy ducks, rare in many places, that are quite common on Kodiak and Afognak Islands.

One such example is the Harlequin duck – a tricky find for many bird hunters that happens to spend most of the year in the area, with many ducks spending the entire winter. Many of our guests are surprised to learn that Harlequin ducks are one of the most common ducks in Kodiak!

Another rarely seen duck in much of the country is the Barrow’s goldeneye. This species is also quite common on Kodiak and Afognak, along with a variety of other trophy species like pintails and bufflehead. 

Obviously, the duck hunting in Kodiak is spectacular but the beautiful wilderness backdrop is what keeps folks coming back again and again. It’s hard to describe the Alaskan landscape unless you’ve seen it with your own eyes. Towering snow-capped mountain peaks give way to calm waters in hidden bays where you will spend your time engaged in a variety of duck hunting techniques. 

Your guide will take you to various locations, providing multiple opportunities throughout the day for you to meet your goals and challenge yourself with local Alaska methods. As the day progresses, you have endless opportunities to spot marine wildlife. Some of the animals our guests routinely spot include sea otters, humpback whales, gray whales, bald eagles, harbor seals, and sea lions.

When the day is done, your harvested birds are processed and frozen on board the boat. Everything is packed in 50-pound waxed boxes for your return home.

What should I bring on my Alaska duck hunting trip?

During the fall months, Kodiak weather can vary greatly. It’s important to pack clothing that will keep you warm and dry under a variety of conditions including rain, freezing temperatures, snow, etc.

Your Alaska duck hunting guide will get you into some hard-to-reach areas, so be sure to bring knee boots and/or neoprene waders (preferred). Bring your own shotgun shells on your hunting trip. We recommend a 12 gauge with two, three, or four-shot shells. If you don’t want to bring them from home, they can be purchased in Kodiak. 

What to expect on your Kodiak duck hunting trip

Your bird hunting trip starts from Kodiak aboard our heated catamaran. From there, we make our way to the bird hunting grounds around nearby Afognak Island. Throughout the day, we will search protected inlets and jetties for sea ducks. You will have the opportunity to set up decoys and work from a shore blind or floating blind.

Your Alaska sea duck hunting guide will use his understanding of the fast-moving tides to help you set up in the best location. You will have ample opportunity to find success at every location. There will also be opportunities for pass shooting in some of the locations we visit.

At the end of every day, you will be provided with shore-to-boat transportation where you can take a hot shower, and enjoy the heated environment. Hot delicious meals made from local fare will be provided. After dinner, you can enjoy time with your group and rest well in your cozy bunk to ensure you’re ready for the following day’s adventures.

The custom catamaran acts as your remote camp and it’s fully equipped with everything needed to keep you safe and warm. The vessel is equipped with modern electronics and GPS, so we are always prepared if there is an emergency. 

About your guide

Gabe Linegar

Gabe is the owner and operator of Alaska Hunting Pros and Alaska Fishing Pros, and he will act as your Alaska duck hunting guide throughout your trip. Not only is Gabe a local, but he’s also been in business since 2004 and he knows the region inside and out.

Gabe’s passion for the outdoors, hunting, and fishing is immediately evident. If you have a specific duck on your bucket list, let Gabe know and he will do everything possible to fulfill your goal. 

Duck hunt roll call

The duck hunting around Kodiak and Afognak is outstanding. What follows is a breakdown of the duck species we routinely encounter.

Harlequin duck

This duck is extremely rare in its range on the East Coast, but abundant in Kodiak. Arguably one of the most beautiful and colorful ducks on the planet, they are highly prized by hunters. 

Barrow’s goldeneye

These ducks are rare east of the Rocky Mountains but very common around Kodiak and the surrounding region. This diving duck is sometimes mistaken for Common goldeneye but is actually larger and more robust. To identify a Barrow’s goldeneye, look for the white crescent shape under its eye as the Common goldeneye has a more rounded white patch. 


These ducks have large heads, which is what gives them their odd name. The name is actually derived from buffalo-head because they have a similar shape to that of a buffalo. While bufflehead are considered to be common, when Russians first arrived in Alaska there were many more, making them one of the most common ducks at the time. 

Black wing scoter

These large sea ducks are also called black scoters and are common visitors to coastal Alaska. They are often seen swimming in large numbers, milling about in the surf without a care in the world. 

White wing scoter

These sea ducks closely resemble black scoters and are sometimes seen in the same group. They are large and resemble black scoters but they have a distinctive white patch on the wing. Thus, the name. 

Long tail duck

Formerly called Oldsquaw, these sea ducks are slender and have a long tail, which is what gives them their name. Longtails are considered an abundant species and they are routinely found around Afognak Island.

Red breasted merganser

These sea ducks are quite plentiful and easy to spot, as they are quite large and distinctive, about the size of a crow. Because they breed in brackish and saltwater wetlands, they are routinely found around Afognak Island where we conduct our Alaska duck hunts. 


Every duck hunter knows what a mallard looks like but what you may not know is that they are the ancestor of nearly every domestic duck breed. Considered a dabbling duck, they are often spotted feeding. 


These ducks are one of the most common worldwide. However, populations in the United States have declined over the past 40 years. Its long central tail feathers make it easy to spot and give the duck its name. 

There are other species of waterfowl that you may come across during your duck hunt. While these ducks are only occasional visitors, it’s a good idea to be able to identify them so you can harvest one if the opportunity presents itself.

Less common Kodiak ducks include:

Green winged teal

American widgeon


Common eider

King eider

The Department of Alaska Fish & Game allows nonresidents to harvest seven sea ducks per day with a twenty-per-season overall limit. Other laws apply to certain ducks, so make sure you know the law before taking the shot. 

Why choose Alaska Hunting Pros

There are many reasons to choose our Alaska duck hunting guide for your next hunt, many of which are listed above, but the main reason is that we love what we do. When you have a passion for something, you want to share it, which is why we started this business.

We take great care to ensure the safety and comfort of every hunter we take into the bush. If you need extra care, simply let us know and we will do our best. Most of our business is repeat business because our guests know exactly what they’re getting which is one of the best hunts on the planet. 

Contact us today to book your Alaska duck hunting adventure

Duck hunting in Alaska is a unique experience you will never forget. We hunt because we love the outdoors, the camaraderie, and the traditions that we are lucky enough to carry on to our children.

Getting to Kodiak is relatively simple because it’s serviced by Alaska Airlines. While you’re here, you can fully indulge yourself in our rugged subsistence lifestyle and get a taste of what it’s like to live on the edge of America’s last frontier.

If you’re ready to experience the duck hunt of a lifetime, contact us today and we will help you choose the best time to meet your goals. You can combine your Alaska duck hunting trip with other hunting options but demand is always high so call today