Your Trip

We know you might be curious about how we operate during these hunts. Below is a summary of how a typical trip would go, so that you can better understand our program.

Your Trip

We know you might be curious about how we operate during these hunts. Below is a summary of how a typical trip would go, so that you can better understand our program.

Before flying into Kodiak, you will need to make sure you have a hotel reserved for the night prior to your hunt. We will meet with you on this day and help you get all of your gear situated on the boats. It’s important to do this the night before so we can depart bright and early, which gives you more opportunity to hunt on your first day. If you need any assistance with getting the right tags or permits, we will help out and make sure you are all good to go.

Depending on what part of the island your hunt is taking place at, the travel time can take anywhere from 2-5 hours. We cruise at about 20-24 knots while weighed down with extra fuel and equipment, but tides and weather can change this dramatically. If you’re prone to motion sickness, make sure to pick up some Bonine or Dramamine. (Motion-sickness medicine)

Remember that we do not provide any sort of sleeping bags, pillows or blankets. Our bunks each have a memory foam mattress but you need to bring whatever you need to sleep comfortably. There are 4 bunks in each of our catamarans as well as a marine diesel heater that keeps the cabin nice and toasty throughout the night. 

When you arrive in the bay you will be dropped off at the beach and given a handheld VHF radio, a pick up time will also be discussed in-case of radio problems. (These radios are NOT to be used for hunting purposes, and strictly for communicating from shore to boat for pickup or to relocate your group if separated.) On the first day you will have a bit less time to hunt because of the time it takes to travel, but you never know what you might see on that first hike!

When it’s time to be picked up, or you have requested to be picked up over VHF radio. One of our catamarans will be on its way to taxi back to home base where you can hang your game and begin to process it. Remember that if you are on a transport hunt, we cannot assist you in any way. This includes processing your animal, skinning, de-boning, packing, etc.

While you’re processing your game, dinner will be cooking while everyone is gathered under the canvas shelter staying warm and dry out of the elements. There are places to hang your packs and gear to let them dry out. We also want to keep wet gear out of the cabin. 

The next morning, breakfast will be cooking and you’ll be discussing your plan for the day with your group while having a hot cup of coffee. It’s your hunt and you decide where you want to go. (If not on a Semi-Guided Hunt) If you’d like to spend a day duck hunting instead, we’re happy to guide you. Want to shoot some ducks in the morning, and go try for a deer in the afternoon? Not a problem! We also have a freezer on board to keep all of your trophy ducks in perfect condition.

During your hunt we will have fishing gear on board and you are more than welcome to go out fishing with us for dinner as we love having fresh Halibut, Lingcod, and Rockfish as a meal some nights. This doesn’t mean you can limit out and take all of your catch back home. We are on a hunting trip and we are not set up to be processing hundreds of pounds of fish.

Once we arrive back in Kodiak at the end of your hunt. You will need to start getting your meat packed up and ready to ship. You will need to get your own boxes to ship your meat, horns, or capes in. These can be bought in town from a few different stores.  

And that’s it!

If you are interested in joining us in Kodiak for the hunt of a lifetime, contact us now! We’re happy to provide you information on availability and answer any other questions you may have.

Hunting season dates and pricing can be found in the “Hunts” section of this site.